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Enroll for a 2-month program to become a new certified Tango with Pole choreographer and instructor.

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January 2024

What to expect?

- 2 months enrollment. 

- 6 exclusive lessons with Mitya. 

- Supervision sessions. 

- 2 months mentorship.

+ Bonus Tango with Pole Online course lessons. 


- Foundations. Ballet, Ballroom, Tango, Pole.

- Creativity class. Musicality, Self Expression.  ​

- Leadership / Mentorship class. Methods to become a great teacher.

- Choreography creation class.

- Supervision sessions. 

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What you get!

- Instructor’s Certificate. 

- Your 3 signature Choreography pieces.  

- Next-level teaching skills

- Your first Tango with Pole teaching classes series. 

- Business strategy. 

- Immense inspiration and new possibilities. 


I’m looking for you!

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