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Inspired by the aesthetics of the Russian criminal tattoo, multidisciplinary artist Mitya Staev created an imaginary criminal world of the future, based on the rapid technological progress and the revolution in modern biotechnology.  Criminal tattoos build an illusory bridge between times, culture, human evolution, and technology.  The basis for projecting the future world in the artist’s work is the call of the modern person to pay attention to the present. Industrial and technological progress gives us amazing opportunities, at the same time, in the spiritual evolution man has long lagged behind the progress of machines. Founder and designer of Ukrainian clothing brand Anna Osmekhina made a curatorial choice of Staev’s works for a new SS20 collection. The project of TTSWTRS and Mitya Staev is a symbol of responsibility, an ability to respond, to realize individual creative power in the perspective of the unity.  To be aware of every choice, true empathy, with leaving the future criminal world only as an idea embodied on alternative skin. 

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