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Last years working as a therapist I found my own approach in individual and group practices, I call it simply - FUNctional.

Life is all about games and functions and from my experience playing the games is the most natural way to transform, heal, learn and expand

My methods connect the Body and Soul, the Heart and Mind in your own authentic rhythm. 

In my practices, I use different technologies and tools - Movement and Dance Therapy; Yoga; Psychotherapy and Mindfulness; Plant Medicine and Psychomagic, and it's all about GAMES


Traveling around the world I host private and group sessions. My signature movement therapy session `Ahimsa was represented around the globe, from Singapour to Ecuador, guiding hundreds of people to dive deep into their inner freedom.

I work online, helping individuals to recover after their traumatic experiences and balance their inner system, strengthen their connection with the body and broaden awareness.  ​I enrich people's lives with powerful practices, unleashing the legitimate nature of their spirit. 


You came here for a reason, fulfilling your own wild and sacred dream. I see every HUMAN as the greatest being and my mission is to help you experience Life to its full potential.  


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