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1998-2012 Professional Ballroom Dancing career. 

2012-2016 -Russian Academy of Art and Culture. Balletmasters bachelor. 

2014/2015 Russian National Pole Sport Champion(IPSF). 

2015/2016 Finalist of a Russian  TV dance show “Танцы на ТНТ” aka “So you think you can dance”. 

2018 American Pole Art Champion, +New World Record final score. 

Creator of the Tango with Pole - a signature dance style, transformative games and somatic therapy programs. 






Tango with Pole asa dance style was created by Mitya in 2015. His 15 years of ballroom dancing background was mixed with Tango Argentine, Ballet and Pole dancing. Rapidly this dance style became known around the whole world, through viral videos, lots of workshops and performances. Many people describe this niche dance as an elegant, empowered and passionate. 


Classes are available for two levels of participants: Beginners/Amateurs   and   Intermediate / Pro. Bring elegant clothes, to feel sexy and confident at movement, ballroom or tango heels are optional ( no pleaser stripper heells).




A 90 minutes workshop to embrace your inner goddess and tune into unlimited joy and pleasure from your body. You will learn different feminine dance styles, you will dance TWERK , Vogue, Runway, Afro, Strip dance and many others. Mitya is well known for blending therapy and movement practices, so you will feel safe and fully included. This workshop will elevate your self-confidence, liberate your authenticity, and give you the space to enjoy your body through movement and music. This class you and your girlfriends can't miss. Best vibes ever!

Grab a pair of loose pants, a crop top or your island set, bikini and hip cloath, and get ready to relax and flow. 






This class is for everyone who wants to find new ideas, new inspiration, explore yourself through thecreative ways of artistic practices. Good for pole performers, and artists who need a new source of inspiration in their own craftsmanship. 

During this workshop participants are going to explore movement, improvisation techniques, performative practices, and playfully working in pairs and solo. 

This is workshop along with Tango with Pole is always going with the most amazing reviews from the participants. 

The workshops is Open level and available for everyone.






Remember when you were a child, you were living completely authentically. We feel all the signals of our bodies and we follow them immediately. We were totally present and honest with ourselves. Growing up in the world of capitalism we tend to see our body as an object to exploit, we start ignoring body wisdom and manipulating it. But if we only knew that we are loosing exactly those things we are constantly seeking for. Losing the connection with the body, we can feel lost and stuck, anxious, suppressed, full of fear, shame, lack of connection and vitality... 

Based on the natural body wisdom movement can heal, and the body could be the eternal source of pleasure and unlimited abilities. 

Ahimsa is a unique movement therapy session created by Mitya Staev. It was begotten on a strong need of a genuine connection and understanding of

mental- physical bond.  

Mitya invites you to come back to your trustful relationship with the body, with 2 hours non-stop movement meditation, somatic practices, active games, contact improvisation, acro yoga, and all of that within playful and liberating vibes.

Here are the most amazing feedback for Ahimsa:

" - I couldn't feel any smell for 10 years! At the end of the Ahimsa i started to feel a smell again. It was very strong and very familiar smell for me. Sooner i realize, it was a smell of my own." 

" -  I used to identify myself as a gay! But now I'm questioning, cause during the workshop i felt attracted to Woman for a first time in my life."

" -  I want everyone I know to try this at least once."


Join Ahimsa to experience something you couldn't even expect. All ages, genders identity, and movement levels are welcome for this session.





As Mitya often says: “Contact improvisation workshops are for everyone who wants to explore your most fundamental and unique language. The Body language. ”. From conception to crawling and walking we all have been developing unique relationships with the world around us. Scientificaly proven our foundation for all habits we perform as adults were begetting from the very early stages of our development and it is all stored in our body. Contact Improvisation is a clear mirror of the most fundamental patterns we developed to communicate with the environment, a practice where you can explore yourself deeply and find the support to develop different ways to connect with yourself and others.

With Mitya's guidences your body is going to teach you how to relax, trust and follow, playfullness and curiosity are the keys. Come and connect with your body on a deep level, receiving lots of support to create new pathways for your nervous system. Working in groups and pairs,  exploring different methods of connection through dance and touch, simple movement techniques will help you to prepare for the actual improvisation, so you feel safe to move and connect.

No dance experience is required. Open for all levels, body complexities and identities.

Bring long loose pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt.





An authentic movement workshop is a therapeutic practice for your mental and body health. This technique gives you a connection with your unconscious, helping you to become aware of your own patterns. This class is based on somatic psychology approaches and helps everyone harmonize and balance all inner processes of their body/mind system. Participants works in pairs, one of them is a mover - a person, with closed eyes, who follows any impulses of their body, through movements or sounds, allowing themselves to move without judgments but with a deep presence. And another partner as a witness - a person who watches a mover keeping them safe, observing their own response reflected through their feelings and thoughts as a natural reaction to the Movers act.  


This workshop is a simple but powerful practice, a therapeutical method to establish more compassionate relationship to themselves and others through the deep presence and acceptance of ones expression and experience.  

Open level workshop.






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