21.02.2020          Cube.Moscow /  Azot Gallery  


As a spatiotemporal experiment - performance "Radiance" became a platform for exploring the synchronicity between two different perspectives of movement. Artist had experienced awareness of a physical body as a controlled tool and its authentic movement. The action begins in the “landing” zone with a parachute created from fifty plastic bags collected by the artist for reuse. The space with sand and stones is also a material for the study of communication, attention reactions with natural material. Metal, stone, water, and minerals are reflected in music created by the artist, from a collection of sounds extracted from them. Guests of the space are not only observers but also participants in the performance, enabling the artist to respond to impulses of attention and pass them through the physical body. As in Staev’s previous performance “Light cuts”, in collaboration with a Scottish artist Tassi Thompson, the body becomes the main tool for studying the flow of nature’s processes and essential bond between body and mind.

Performance curated by   Alexander Blanar with support of   WLH Art Consultancy and  Ludovic De Saint Sernin. 

Radiance. Photo credit: Oleg Kokhanyuk

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