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“Tango with Pole” as a dance discipline was synthesized in 2015 by multidisciplinary artist Mitya Staev. The mix of Latin American dance techniques in partnership with the pole instantly took its niche, gaining the interest and recognition of the dance world. Most often, this style is defined as an elegant, expressive and contrast dance, combines softness and force, control and fluidity, musicality and charisma of the body. In 2019, the first online course was released, accessible to everyone who wants to study several directions at once and combine them into one dance. Argentinean tango, ballroom dance, and pole dance techniques comprehensively develop your strength and flexibility, body grace, technical performance, confidence. This is an absolutely exclusive product that requires respect yourself and the desire to enjoy yourself in the present moment. The course is available for all levels students, it reveals the choice not only of racing for your best version of yourself but also the attention of the sensation of joy and pleasure from the dance, in accepting your own uniqueness and beauty. 7 video lessons are filled with complex material, various practices of maintaining the body in a confident physical form, 7 unique choreography pieces, work on self-expression and musicality, improvisation, deepening awareness in dance, theoretical knowledge and much more.

An online course is like an open book, everyone will take and see own reflection. The main message of the author is a feeling of authentic happiness in the dance, a balance of the internal and external synthesis of the present.


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